Top 5 Skills Needed to be a Successful Digital Marketer

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If you want to be a successful Digital Marketer, you need to master many skills. You need to focus on improving your skills to succeed in this ever-changing landscape.

In this post, I’ll help you know what are all the skills it takes to be a successful digital marketer.

#1. Learning


I can see that many of the aspiring digital marketers have a limiting mindset when it comes to investing in training courses. They spend tons of money in graduating from so-called prestigious universities but are hesitant to spend some money in learning the skills they need to succeed in their career.

You cannot grow until you invest in yourself and in upgrading your skill sets.

Here are the three areas you need to invest in training courses:

  1. Communication – both verbal and written
  2. Marketing
  3. Psychology – It is very important as you start growing as a Digital Marketer. Without understanding the basics of psychology, persuasion, and also behavioral psychology your success will be severely constrained.

Lots of information is available online. Why bother to pay for training courses? The problem is information overload and unstructured information.

Free content is scattered all over the web, and produced by various people with their own perspective of thinking. You need to have a structured course, or a training program to help you guide your journey contextually and in a structured way.

If you have mentor or a coach to guide you, it’ll save you lots of time and money down the lane that doing mistakes would have costed you. You’ll have a proper blueprint or you can model your mentor for your way to success beating the exponential technological growth.

#2. Research


Marketing and research goes hand in hand. You need to research internet for relevant information, do the essential research and keep updated regarding the niche that you are working in.

You also need to research about the interests of your customers. The moment you get a crystal-clear idea about who your target audience are, you can market the relevant products to them effortlessly.

For creating content online, you also need to research about the topics. There are various tools like SEMrush (for keyword research), BuzzSumo (for viral content research), and much more.

Doing content research, and creating content for which there is high demand but low supply is very essential to make sure that more and more people consume your content.

#3. Content creation

Content Planning

Content creation is the part of every Digital Marketing strategy. There are four forms of content mainly:

  1. Text content
  2. Graphics content
  3. Video content
  4. Audio content

The blog articles that you come across everyday involves text and graphics content (like infographics). For any content marketing, the copywriting skill is very essential.

Copywriting is the most important skill you need to master when it comes to writing content online that sells. Your ability to write content using strategic words that evoke specific emotions to increase the likelihood of your readers converting to customers is very important.

Audio content is great as it involves a humanistic touch in it- the voice. It’ll be in the form of audio courses, podcasts (you can create free podcasts on platforms like Anchor.fm), and so on. It helps you build personal brand effectively.

Video marketing is huge. It involves various mediums like YouTube, FB live, Webinars, etc. The sad thing is that the majority of the people are afraid to face the camera. But believe me, as a digital marketer if people need to trust you, they need to create a humanly connect with you.

Building trust and transfer of feelings is called marketing.

These are best done when you talk to your prospects by looking in their eyes. No one would buy a product from a person they barely know. As videos involve both auditory and visual sensors of your audience, it’s easy to sell.

#4. Marketing


Being a digital marketer, you need to master marketing.

Marketing when it comes to Digital Marketing includes,

  • Understanding influence and persuasion
  • Traffic generation
  • SEO, Social Media, Ads, Email Marketing, etc
  • Selling
  • So on…

Marketing is all about psychology. You need to be eager to learn about how human mind works, how we make decisions, how to gain influence, the art of persuasion, pre-framing in order to succeed as a digital marketer.

You need to also master the art of traffic generation. Getting eyeballs on the content you generate is quintessential for any online business, leave alone the conversions. You can get traffic from SEO, Social Media, running various forms of advertisements, also drive internal traffic from email marketing, chatbot marketing, and the list goes on.

After getting the traffic you want, you need to do something called as conversion rate optimization to increase the likelihood of people buying your products or services. It involves doing things like AB split testing, color psychology, playing with CTA texts, social proofs, etc.

Again, you need to understand the fundamentals of behavioral psychology to truly master the CRO game.


What’s the point in getting traffic if you don’t know how to sell?

You need to master the art of selling in various forms like copywriting, video marketing, webinar marketing, email marketing, so on. This is when most of the psychological concepts you learn come into play.

You need to learn the art of evoking the right set of emotions in the minds of the audience to make them buy the product you are promoting.

#5. Technical


20% of your success as a digital marketer depends on how technically sound you are.

Buying a domain, hosting, installing WordPress, setting up autoresponder, building landing pages, setting up link and customer tracking/analytics mechanisms, these are all some of the technical skills you need to learn for becoming a successful digital marketer.

This is the only skillset you can focus less on, as there’s no shortage of freelancers who can setup these technical stuff for you at a cheaper rate. But at least, you need to have a basic understanding of how these tools and systems work and communicate with each other.

Wrapping up

These are some of the skills you need to learn for becoming a successful digital marketer. Learning and mastering all these skills takes time and patience.

You need to always consider learning these skills from top 4% quality sources, as it’s the question of your career.

Hope you found this blog post helpful.